Clintonville Rocking and Rolling Its Way to National Spotlight

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If you haven’t heard about Clintonville, Wisconsin, take a look to see what’s going on. From local media to national media, this little town in Wisconsin is making big news. Residents have been hearing periodic loud sounds followed by the ground shaking. And no one can figure out the source of the sounds and the shaking.

I think this situation is a great example of how quickly word can spread online and in the media to put Clintonville at the forefront of local, regional and national news. Who knew when Clintonville residents went to bed Sunday night that the next day some of them including local officials would be doing an interview on CNN? 

From a communications perspective it’s yet another reminder of being prepared. Having a crisis communications plan in place with frequent reviews and updates will help you weather whatever may come your way.

Written by

Lisa Cruz

Lisa Cruz has more than 18 years of experience in public relations. This includes working for a variety of industries such as health care, construction, manufacturing and more – from both the corporate and the agency side. Her strengths are in media relations, social media engagement, message development, crisis communications, planning, relationship building, creativity and enthusiasm. She is able to figure out how to take a national story and turn it into a resonating pitch or intriguing content. A little insight to what makes Lisa tick? It should be noted that maintaining the status quo is never good enough for her.

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