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Thank you – a Thanksgiving reflection

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on who or what matters most to you. Red Shoes PR certainly has plenty to be thankful for this year and every year, all of which includes: Our clients – Some of you have been on our journey since the beginning, some are recent additions to our travels. Continue Reading

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Uber vs. the media

Uber has been making a lot of headlines lately and not all of them are complimentary. The latest news about the technology company is its SVP’s plan to hire investigative journalists and researchers to silence journalists who have been critical of the company. While the remarks were made at an off-the-record event, executives should be Continue Reading


Communicating with target audiences during a crisis

One of the most critical components of working through a crisis is how you communicate the issue at hand with your organization’s target audiences – those who are being (or potentially will be) impacted. How you go about this can make or break how the company is positioned in a sensitive situation and determine how Continue Reading


Governor for Wisconsin

The past year has seen the Wisconsin Governor’s race that has went up and down dramatically like Twitter stock trading on NASDAQ. If Governor Walker is re-elected on Tuesday, the political media message will be: After four years Wisconsin has a strong leader, who has been embraced by the business community, reformed a state budget Continue Reading



How to: give feedback that actually makes a difference

Unless it involves the phrase “keep doing what you’re doing,” feedback can be a tricky, painful experience for all parties involved. Sugarcoating it spares potential bruised feelings, but doesn’t give the person on the receiving end an accurate view of their work. If there was something that had to be sugarcoated, chances are that changes Continue Reading

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Basics for beginners: free tools to bring out your inner designer

For the past couple of years, we’ve all been hearing that visual content for social media is very important. I agree; there is no denying there has been a major shift in the way people want to see content (emphasis on ‘see’). Why do you think Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Vine are huge? These platforms Continue Reading

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Creativity: Our new approach

Our fearless leader recently developed Red Shoes PR’s ‘IdeaLab,’ where once per month we take an hour to let our creative juices flow. So what does that mean exactly? During this hour our team lets go of everything tactical and focuses on creativity by sculpting with Play-Doh, finger painting and drawing. Now, you may wonder Continue Reading


Maintain your start-up mindset

Last week in Inc. magazine, Yahoo! CEO (and Wisconsin native) Marissa Mayer talked about the importance of keeping the mindset of a start-up in business. “It will sound strange, but we think of ourselves as the world’s largest start-up,” Mayer says. “Start-ups have to move fast. Start-ups organize into small teams that are really dedicated Continue Reading

Did You Know


To the Best of My Knowledge

To the best of my knowledge. These are words we are hearing a lot in public statements. National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has said similar words to answer questions from the media. Public relations, just like legal actions, depends on correct word usage to get a point across. In crisis situations words such as Continue Reading

Need a new job?


Is your job search stuck in a rut?

If you’re looking for a job and not making any progress, consider stepping back and looking at your overall job application process. Landing that dream job is about more than just having the perfect resume. Consider taking these approaches to step up your job hunting game. Get connected with Big Shoes Network –, it’s Continue Reading


It’s event season: Are you making the most out of your sponsorship?

Fall is the time when things tend to get a little busier in the workplace. The calendar starts to fill with more events to attend, people to see and causes to bring awareness to. A lot of these events wouldn’t happen without the gifts, time and talents made available from businesses and organizations from the Continue Reading



Profit-driven or purpose-driven – which are you?

Does your company go after just about any and every opportunity to increase cash flow, or are you more strategic and conscientious of your company’s higher purpose? I recently read a blog post that piqued my interest as it relates to purpose-driven and profit-driven business decisions. Of course, in the business world it is best Continue Reading


Here’s a story: authenticity as brand currency

#483562167 / It’s said that once something is online, it’s forever, but in modern technology’s vastness there is also the possibility of endless revisions and different perspectives. This makes the truth more liquid than it tends to be in the brick-and-mortar world, and as our business relationships increasingly take place online, it’s no wonder Continue Reading

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Shame on you, Starbucks

Earlier this week, Starbucks was lauded for its announcement to provide free college tuition to its employees. Only days later, the resulting media buzz turned from congratulatory to accusatory. It turns out that the international chain isn’t really paying for its employees’ education, it instead struck a deal with an online college, which reduced its Continue Reading

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Crisis Planning: Build relationships before a crisis hits

Have you ever taken a moment to think about all the possible crisis situations that your business or organization could face? I encourage you to take the next two or three minutes and jot down everything you can think of. Whether your organization faces the potential of having a crisis with the work you do Continue Reading

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Process vs. outcome: What should you focus on?

A few of my colleagues and I attended a young professionals event earlier this week that focused on work/life balance. There were many lessons to be learned, but the one that stuck out most was the idea that it is more important to focus on process rather than outcome or the end. Why you might Continue Reading



Do you know what to do when patients are videotaping their care?

Patients using social media in hospitals is nothing new, and most organizations have social media policies to address the usage of social media by its staff, patients and visitors. In recent months, however, we have seen the rise of patients and family members documenting care through photos and videos. During this “selfie” craze, it’s important Continue Reading


Don’t judge a shoe by its color: The importance of looking at situations from different perspectives

In PR (and in life), we’re always trying to look at issues and events from different perspectives to better understand them. Before I interviewed for my position at Red Shoes PR, I had obviously heard the story behind the company and the famous red shoes. That being said, it took looking at the company from Continue Reading

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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Television Appearance

How important is visual presentation for television appearances? Very important. My seven best tips for having a successful television appearance are: Work with a professional makeup artist. They can be found at upscale spas, salons or in the cosmetic area of major department stores like Macy’s. For this client, we worked with a MAC makeup Continue Reading



How basketball and organized communications strategies relate

As the new college basketball season is well underway, it’s guaranteed that fundamental basketball will win more games with its controlled and disciplined play than street ball-style with its all-out sloppy play. The same rule applies for government relations communication, from winning at the Wisconsin State Capitol to success with a community funding referendum: An Continue Reading



Five tips on sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s is a time for new beginnings. It’s a fresh slate to start a new journey and a chance to close the door on another year that went by too fast. In all of this excitement and joy, we make New Year’s resolutions. Often times these resolutions are recycled from previous years, mainly because Continue Reading



The holidays are here…what should you pitch?

It’s that time of year again – end-of-the-year vacation schedules, hitting year-end goals and of course, the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of it all, but now is one of the best times to get your company’s name out there. With many offices shutting down and Continue Reading


Five HIPAA reminders for health care PR pros

We often have busy days, running from meeting to meeting while squeezing in media interviews and social media posts, and sometimes it’s easy to forget the basics. One of the most important laws we need to adhere to in health care is HIPAA and it’s essential to remember these five tips at all times. - Continue Reading

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Social Media Updates

Social media is constantly changing and updating, faster than most people can keep track. Lets face it, client meetings, projects and emailing can take up 90 percent of your day. It can be easy to miss what’s going on in the social world. In an effort to help everyone stay up-to-date with social media, I’m Continue Reading



The importance of “why?”

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” That was the common theme of closing keynote speaker Augie Ray’s message at the PR & Social Media Summit I attended at Marquette University in October. The easiest questions for most brands to answer are what and how? For instance Red Shoes PR Continue Reading

Risky Business


Push through the pain and take some risks in business

Last week our fearless leader Lisa presented to a group of young professionals on what it takes to be a CEO, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. One of those lessons was to take risks and get out of your own way. Sometimes the only one holding you back is you. Red Shoes Continue Reading



Four Social media Dos and Don’ts

Social media is a great, and free, tool for businesses to utilize. It offers a way to connect with your audience and to let people know what you do. Social media when used the wrong way can backfire and jeopardize your business. Here’s some tips on what you should, and should not do when using Continue Reading

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Facebook promoted post tips

As I blogged about a few weeks ago, we’ve begun embracing paid Facebook promotions for our clients. As we’ve gotten through the learning curve, I thought I’d share of few tips with you: -Be creative with the headline. You only have 25 characters to grab your audience so think creatively with your limited space. -Pay Continue Reading


Not having a social media exit strategy could mean crisis down the road

I was driving home from work last night when I heard a story on the news that caught my attention. The Fond du Lac Police Department’s Twitter account was hacked and was projecting profanity, spam messages and more. They also talked about how the department was working with Twitter to try to correct it. Now, Continue Reading

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It’s time for PR pros to embrace paying for views on Facebook

Facebook has worn me down. I know that it’s the year 2013 and the line between editorial and advertising has blurred so much it’s practically non-existent, but I’m an optimist and tried to tow that line for all I’m worth. I have the opportunity help a number of clients with their social media accounts and Continue Reading



Making the most out of valuable work time

I recently read a short article on that addressed ways to get the most out of your time during the workday. Sure, it would be great to have a few (or more!) extra hours in the day, but what’s more important is maximizing how to use the time we have, which is generally eight Continue Reading

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How to incorporate visuals for written messages

In today’s world, the simple reliance on words to convey a message and tell a story doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s getting harder to keep audiences attention with words alone. People no longer want to read, they want to look at pictures with captions that have less than 140 characters. Incorporating visual content into PR Continue Reading

PR then and now


PR then and now: A guide to communications planning for 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the past five years at Red Shoes PR, and as we look to the new chapter we are about to begin (did we mention were moving in September?!?), I’m amazed at how much the communications industry has changed over the years. Working in one of the fastest Continue Reading



5 tips on how to become a better leader for your employees

In public relations – as well as any other field – having a great leader is essential for a company to succeed. A boss’s duty is to teach, lead and inspire. Most organizations live and die on the quality of leaders that run them. Empower your team to contribute to the success of your business Continue Reading



The Importance of ‘Going for It’

As I continue to move forward in my public relations career, I’m learning more and more that just ‘going for it’ is one of the most important things to do. Wayne Gretzke explains it best: “You’ll always miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” In this industry, we are continuously thinking of big-picture Continue Reading



What can you expect when hiring a PR firm?

We tend to get questions about what exactly public relations is. There is often confusion between PR and advertising since the goal of both specialties is the same. However, the two are separate and very different. What does a PR agency do? The Public Relations Society of America defines the management of public relations as: Continue Reading



From announcements on the royal easel to updates on the royal Twitter feed

If you have haven’t heard, the British monarchy has a new prince. That’s right, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had a baby boy Monday afternoon. While I am very happy for the couple, what intrigued me about the story was how they announced it. Since the 18th century, the royals have announced royal deaths Continue Reading

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Ever wonder where the term “glass ceiling” came from?

  With the death of Helen Brown last week, there has been a lot of reflection on how far women have come in the past decades. As we celebrate what pioneers like Brown have meant to their specific fields, the term glass ceiling has come to mind more than once. Recently reading the New York Continue Reading

Red Shoes PR takes a retreat downtown Appleton.


When public relations people need a break

I know many people won’t believe me when I say this, but it’s true. If you look up the list of most stressful jobs in the nation there’s a good chance that PR professional makes the list. Really? Yes. Really. Maybe it’s because we are bunch of type A personalities. But it’s more likely we Continue Reading

Lean In Book Review


Book Review: Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead

We recently attended our annual company retreat and each year we choose a different book to read to reflect on with the team. Celebrating our fifth year in business and being all females, we wanted to choose a book that not only would make for great discussion, but also one that focused on what we believe in at the Continue Reading

The Red Shoes team sits down at Cena in Appleton for dinner after a day of team building activities.


5 reasons why team building is important

Last week the Red Shoes team went on a company-wide retreat. While we did the usual overview of business updates and company goals, we also had the opportunity to do team building activities. We had our own scavenger hunt, attended a yoga class and tested our rhythmic skills in a drum circle. As a new Continue Reading



Disconnect to reconnect: The importance of unplugging

In today’s 24/7 news and social media cycle, it is easy to become consumed by information. All too often we forget about the importance of disconnecting to reconnect – that is reconnect with coworkers, company culture, professional goals and most importantly, yourself. Taking a break from social media and mobile devices should be seriously considered Continue Reading

5 years


Red Shoes PR, Inc. celebrates 5 years!

Red Shoes PR, Inc. has made it to the five year mark – what an accomplishment! I for one am thrilled to be part of its story and can’t wait to see what the future holds. My favorite thing about working here has to be the relationships. Communication – it’s what we do. Naturally friendships Continue Reading

Red Shoes


My journey to becoming part of the Red Shoes team

As a fervent journalism and public relations student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, I tried to get involved, gain leadership skills and take advantage of all the opportunities college has to offer. I joined multiple student organizations, studied abroad and had several jobs and internships on campus. I also wanted to get my name Continue Reading


Four Reasons We’re Excited about Facebook Hashtags

If you didn’t hear the news, Facebook has jumped on the hashtag bandwagon. Beginning this week, Facebook joins Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest as a social media site that uses hashtags to allow users to see what people are saying about a topic or event. Here are four reasons we are excited about Facebook adding hashtags: Continue Reading

Valuing value


The value of value in the workplace

Red Shoes PR had the opportunity this week to hear from Jay Rifenbary, an author and speaker, as he presented his “No Excuse! An action plan for success – Incorporating core values, accountability and balance into your life and career.” It wasn’t the average motivational business seminar – it’s probably the only one that all Continue Reading


Give your audiences what they want: more video

In case you didn’t hear, yesterday news broke that the Chicago Sun Times would be laying off their entire photo staff, effectively immediately. One of the main reasons the paper cited was that “the business was changing rapidly” and their audience was “seeking more video content with their news” than ever before. These days we Continue Reading

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What should you say? Social media best practices during national tragedy

In the wake of the recent tornado in Oklahoma, I thought now might be a good time to revisit social media practices during times of national crisis or tragedy. During hard times, it is especially important to be cognizant of what types of messages your company is putting out into the social media universe. Sounding Continue Reading

Bad news


How to deliver difficult news to your employees

Downsizing, layoffs, pay cuts, benefit changes, restructuring or bad reviews. No matter what the difficult news is or the reason for delivering it, there are certain considerations that must be made in these situations. Here are some tips for senior management on how to make the best out of delivering difficult news to your employees. Continue Reading


Getting Around Facebook Frustrations

It seems like every time I start to feel like I have an understanding of how Facebook works, something else changes that throws me completely off. One thing that has been particularly irritating is changes to the NewsFeed due to Facebook’’s EdgeRank. Even when providing great content, only a small fraction of people who like Continue Reading

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Lessons Learned from a Crisis Management Workshop

  Last Friday, Karen Schlieve and I attended the Partnership for Community Resilience – Critical Infrastructure Restoration Workshop, which was put on by Southeast Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnership, Inc. The morning session featured the following private companies sharing their emergency preparedness strategies: We Energies, American Transmission Company, Time Warner Cable and AT&T. The afternoon was Continue Reading

Crisis Checklist


Crisis Communications Checklist: Are you prepared?

When we get a call from a client or company going through a crisis, one of the first items that we grab from our toolkit is our crisis communications checklist. It’s a simple list of starter questions to help generate next steps and answers to some of the critical questions that you will face within Continue Reading



Keep your creative PR wheels turning

As public relations professionals, one of our goals is to help our clients tell their stories and share their messages in ways that are exciting and original. It isn’t about simply pitching a story, but creating a distinctive angle – giving the media and other target audiences something they haven’t heard before. Set the standard Continue Reading



How to position yourself as a thought leader

Think about your favorite industry leader. What sets them apart from others in the field? Chances are, they have a willingness to offer advice and share lessons learned with others. Being positioned as a thought leader has many perks. It should help further your professional network, enhance your visibility in the marketplace and lead to Continue Reading


The importance of an elevator speech

Whether you are in a job interview, an employee being asked by an acquaintance what you do at your job or a CEO of a company being asked what your company does, it is important to have an elevator speech prepared. Elevator speeches should be concise (30-60 seconds) and leave a strong first impression. If Continue Reading

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Reevaluating Your Communications Process for 2013: Building Relationships

In a world that continues to transition toward online conversation, it is more important than ever to remember the value of face-to-face or verbal communication. In public relations, sending an email is a quick and efficient way to communicate with clients, colleagues and the media. But is this convenient tool relied upon too much? If Continue Reading



Media training for company spokespeople can’t happen too soon

“If you lose money for the firm, I will be very understanding. If you lose reputation for the firm, I will be ruthless.” -Warren Buffett Whether announcing company news or dealing with a crisis, someone from your company will inevitably be working with the media. It’s important for your spokesperson to go through a formal Continue Reading



Crisis management lessons from RNs

As someone who specializes in health care PR, I spend a lot of time around nurses and I’ve always been struck by how well they handle crisis. First of all, they’ve seen everything, so nothing seems to faze them. They are also masters at coming up with a plan quickly and then making sure it’s Continue Reading


CEO Etiquette

Our jobs require us to work closely with CEOs and other c-suite executives. It can be intimidating to be called into these offices, but our jobs depend on our ability to give good counsel when it’s required. To add to that stress, depending on your client or industry, most of your interaction with these executives Continue Reading


Five ways to stay calm during stressful client projects

As PR professionals, we are expected to stay calm and cool during a client crisis, a major client project or a big announcement. It is important that clients feel you are in control and handling the project well. Although we must appear calm, on the inside we feel stressed out and freak out as much Continue Reading



PR During The Holidays – What Should You Do?

Tis’ the season! It’s time for baking, listening to holiday music and decking the halls. But it’s also the perfect time to ramp up your PR efforts by pitching fun, creative story ideas to the media. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, reporters are often times looking for feel-good stories or feature Continue Reading


Shake up your PR plan in 2013

The New Year is almost upon us, and if you haven’t started talking about your 2013 communications plan, you’d better get started. Or, maybe you are one of the many organizations who experience annual planning fatigue – and every year’s plan is the same old template – lacking new ideas. An annual communications plan is Continue Reading


Public Relations Begins With You!

I thought you would enjoy this week’s Post Crescent column written about the advantages of making nice in the business world. Have you experienced bullying in the workplace? Do you ever feel like people aren’t as nice as they used to be? I encourage you to share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you. Click Continue Reading

Don't interrupt


Don’t pardon the interruption

The next time you’re in a conversation play a fun game – count the number of times someone is interrupted. It happens all the time, at work, at home, even at the grocery store. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how our attention spans are shrinking due to constant multitasking in the pursuit Continue Reading



3 PR Lessons I Learned After Watching Olympic Gymnastics

For those of you who might not know, I am a huge fan of gymnastics. I have loved everything about the sport ever since I was able to walk, but I never thought that watching this year’s Olympic coverage would teach me some valuable career lessons. Watching Jordyn Wieber’s reaction after not qualifying for the Continue Reading



Breaking Down the Truth

With news coverage of a few notable cases of plagiarism in the past month, I’ve reflected on how lapses in journalism ethics can affect much more than just the individual perpetrator or the single organization for which he or she works. Jonah Lehrer, a well-regarded young journalist, recently resigned from his position at The New Continue Reading



Slow Down and Focus

I was reading a recent Harvard Business Review article about how in today’s world, we often reward speed. We want to be the first to break news, the first to come to market with a new product, the first to blog about our new idea, but doing something first doesn’t mean doing it best. Reflecting Continue Reading

Four boys of a working mom


Tales of a working mom: When a full moon isn’t so pretty

  A few days ago marked the eighth birthday of my son, Jack. When we took him out to breakfast I told him about the day he was born which led to thoughts of where I was in my life at the time I was pregnant with him and then after I returned to work. Continue Reading



Staying Small, Making It Big

The big city lights were calling me. At least, I thought so. As I went through the job application process during my final semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I set my sights on big, brand name corporations in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Whether in public relations, advertising or marketing, I thought my Continue Reading



LEAVEN: A tour worth taking

Last week, the agency took a tour of local not-for-profit LEAVEN (Limited Emergency Assistance Valley Ecumenical Network). Some of us thought we knew what the community organization was all about, but we quickly realized LEAVEN touches more non-profits, people and causes than we ever thought. Since its inception in 1987, LEAVEN has been the ‘bridge Continue Reading

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Choosing a spokesperson in time of crisis: One size does not fit all

When developing a crisis management plan, how you are planning to communicate is not just an option, it is a necessity. By saying “No comment,” not saying anything at all, or simply issuing a written statement could raise a red flag about your credibility or keep people wondering what you are trying to hide. At Continue Reading



It pays to be persistent

I had my eye on Red Shoes PR since I was a junior in college at UW Oshkosh in the fall of 2010. Who would have thought that a year-and-a-half after my first meeting with Karen (a senior account executive), I would have landed a job here? It’s quite a long story. Here it goes. Continue Reading



Remember these eight tips for your next job interview

It’s (almost!) graduation season so I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of helpful hints for recent grads looking to make their way in public relations or a similar field. Here’s a list of important things to remember during an interview. 1. Stand when shaking someone’s hand. 2. Bring multiple copies Continue Reading

Public relations image


Changing up our communications

It’s been almost four years since Red Shoes PR opened its doors and we thought it was time to change up our website. While some of the content is the same, we focused on ramping things up a bit with more visuals and other modifications. Take a look and see what you think. While the Continue Reading



Lack of communications? Ask women what’s on their mind

Seems like there is a bit of news and debate about what’s on women’s minds these days. And I suspect the volume is only going to crank up more as we approach fall. But somehow along the way I don’t see a lot of straight up commentary coming from women who are in the trenches, Continue Reading

Picture 122


What about those pay-for-plays? #notPR

  Don't know what a pay-for-play is? It's not uncommon for media outlets to utilize "pay-for plays" to generate advertising revenue under the guise of "covering" your company's story. What this means is that a sales rep, often misrepresenting the...

Picture 45


Keep the public relations motor humming

  It's not uncommon for us to meet with businesses and organizations who realize they need to pick up their PR efforts again and get them going. What we hear over and over is that since they let their PR efforts fall by the wayside, they then rea...


Intern Observations: My first month at Red Shoes PR

Four weeks ago, when I walked through the door at Red Shoes PR for my first day as the new intern, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve always been told that no two days are the same when you work in public relations. Now, after nearly a mon...


When is it time to fire your client?

Have you ever thought about firing your client? Well Paula Deen's PR rep recently fired the celebrity chef over the handling of her recent admission that she has diabetes. See New York Post story here. It had to be a difficult decision to end a six...


Crisis Communications: What to do when "it" hits the fan

Does your organization have a crisis communications plan? Remember, you have time now to prepare a plan, not when you receive the bad news. Take a look at this presentation we gave at UW Fond du Lac this morning. It used to be that a major crisis would...


4 reasons I’m looking forward to #PRSAicon in Orlando

This blog is written by Karen Buckoski, senior account executive at Red Shoes PR. This Saturday, I’m going to be taking off to Orlando to attend the PRSA International Conference. I’m beyond excited to be representing Red Shoes PR among tho...


The right place+the right time=communications success

    We spend a lot of time trying to reach our target audiences, whether it's media through pitches, potential clients through networking or clients' customers through social media. It's easy to get caught up in the chase of follow...


Bad at poofreading? Here are some tips for public relations folks.

Between news releases, media alerts, blogs, clients emails and other communications, proofing is constantly an important task that needs to be done throughout the day. It is easy to rush through this important step, especially on busy days. So, here a...


So you want to work in public relations…

Through the years, I’ve had my fair share of talking with students and others looking to break into the industry about why they want to go into public relations. It always amazes me the variety of reasons that they express. PR is one of those ind...


Learning and Networking Never Stop

  Sara Jeffers is an account coordinator with Red Shoes PR. As a young professional, I see the importance of attending events to further my professional growth. One of the events I attended this year was Leaderfest, a conference put on by various...


Are your communications on target when it comes to management?

As a first-time manager, I'm always looking for advice on how to get the most of out my relationships with colleagues. In college I took plenty of PR classes, but somehow missed my university's offerings on management so my current tools consist of wha...


Listen first: How monitoring allows companies to react to industry news

Sara Jeffers is an account coordinator at Red Shoes PR. The early bird gets the (media) worm. The New York Times recently followed Bobby Maldonado, an aid at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as he ventured out into the streets of Washington D.C. before ...



Helping an organization get well through communications

This morning we had the opportunity to present to Well City, Fox Cities. The group was looking for some tips on how to engage employees in company’s wellness programs through communications. A few of the main points we went over included being consistent in your communications (in other words don’t start off with a bang Continue Reading


The importance of embracing both old and new media

Sara Jeffers is an account coordinator with Red Shoes PR.I’ve watched the news as long as I can remember. Growing up, my parents used it as a way to unwind after work, and although us kids would’ve much rather been watching something fluf...



Is your company ready for a PR agency?

You might be a marketing director, a CEO or a VP and considering a stronger focus on your PR efforts. Perhaps you have been frustrated by the lack of coverage your company gets in the media. Maybe you are figuring out that your online presence amounts to nil and people can’t find you on the Continue Reading


Smart public relations move? Or not.

Maria Heim, account executive for Red Shoes PR, shares a few thoughts on making a bad PR move for a short term gain. I was in St. Paul, Minn. for a funeral last weekend during the blizzard that hit the Midwest. On Saturday I was shocked to see a TV ne...


The do’s and don’ts of media relations

Karen Buckoski, senior account executive at Red Shoes PR, talks about the do's and don'ts when working with the media. Do understand what news is – and what it is notOur job as PR professionals is to help our clients determine what news is and wh...



Crisis Communications: What to do when “it” hits the fan

Does your organization have a crisis communications plan? Remember, you have time now to prepare a plan, not when you receive the bad news. Take a look at this presentation we gave at UW Fond du Lac this morning. It used to be that a major crisis would happen every so often. Now with the Continue Reading



The right place+the right time=communications success

We spend a lot of time trying to reach our target audiences, whether it’s media through pitches, potential clients through networking or clients’ customers through social media. It’s easy to get caught up in the chase of following new trends and sometimes we lose sight of what works best. This is a reminder to not over think things and Continue Reading



Bad at poofreading? Here are some tips for public relations folks.

Between news releases, media alerts, blogs, clients emails and other communications, proofing is constantly an important task that needs to be done throughout the day. It is easy to rush through this important step, especially on busy days. So, here are five tips to make sure you take the time to do a thorough job Continue Reading


How I landed my first gig in public relations

Sara Jeffers is an account coordinator with Red Shoes PR.I’ve always loved to write. Not only was it required of me during college and internships, it was how I chose to spend my time in my personal life.  Looking back, I never thought a re...