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We Love Red Shoes PRThe History of Red Shoes PR, Inc.

Red Shoes PR, Inc. launched in May 2008. The start of the business occurred during a time when many businesses were beginning to feel the impact of the economic downturn. This downturn made it more and more important for businesses to scrutinize expenditures, their communication channels and ROI.

Since the economy was in chaos, it was more important than ever for companies to communicate clearly, strategically and powerfully through channels such as media relations, internal communications and social media. Red Shoes PR was built to address this identified need and only focuses on communications.

While we offer traditional public relations services such as media relations, crisis communications, media training and more, we have also worked hard to build up a strong position in social media consulting. In addition to consulting, we offer ongoing opportunities to learn more about social media through seminars and presentations.

Crazy, creative, different, effective, thought provoking and dare we say - competitive by nature - words that describe what drive us to deliver the best we can in the art of communication.

The story of the shoe

Lisa Cruz – President
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Lisa purchased her first pair of red shoes in 2006. Whenever she wore the shoes people would comment on them. Wearing red shoes quickly became a symbol of strength, confidence and empowerment. From the start of the business it has been mandatory to wear red shoes to work every day. It’s not uncommon for us to walk into a room to present or attend meetings and others ask to see our red shoes. Many questions go something like this, “How can you wear red shoes when you are wearing coral or others clothes that don’t typically go with red?” Our answer? “It’s more about the confidence you portray when wearing the shoes.”


Wearing red shoes quickly became a symbol of strength, confidence and empowerment.